tree removal fairfield ct

Got a dead or dying tree in your yard? You can trust our certified arborist 24/7 to remove your tree with the utmost care and precision. Our team uses a 75ft. bucket truck that can remove even your highest trees. This machine, along with our 24/7 emergency service sets us apart from the rest!

tree removal fairfield ct

Not sure if your tree needs to be removed or trimmed? Let us be the judge. Call Treetech at 203-372-5662 to schedule your tree assessment or emergency removal.

tree removal fairfield ct

Open up your yard in Fairfield, Connecticut by getting your trees trimmed. We won't over-prune your trees.

Welcome to Treetech!

Take care of your Fairfield, CT area yard with tree care, pruning and emergency removal services

You love your lush, green backyard. Make sure it stays healthy for years to come by hiring a certified arborist to assess, trim or remove your trees. Treetech is a 24/7 tree services company serving Fairfield, Connecticut and the surrounding areas. You can choose from a range of tree maintenance and emergency services, including:

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3 reasons to schedule a tree trimming with Treetech

  1. You want to prevent insect invasion. If you let your trees get out of hand, they'll be a hotbed for disease-carrying bugs and parasites.
  2. You want to increase air and sunlight. Have your trees pruned regularly to ensure they get enough sunlight and fresh air.
  3. You want to decrease chance of disease. Pruned trees are healthy trees. Prolong the lives of your trees by hiring Treetech in Fairfield, Connecticut.

You can trust our certified arborist who has 25 years of experience and can be depended on 24/7!

Your trees have been growing in your backyard for decades. Don't let an inexperienced arborist come along and damage them in just a day! Hire an experienced arborist you can trust. Treetech has been in business since 2001, but our primary arborist has been in the industry since 1991. Put that experience to work for you.

Call us today at 203-372-5662 to get started.

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